My Projects

Here are various projects I have worked on. Or I should say there will be projects here soon. I need to find the time to add them here. Some of the projects I have worked on are:

Race Car Bed.  My nephew Tyler was starting to get older, almost old enough to sleep in a bed, and my sister and brother-in-law began working on decorating a bedroom for him. Of course I then got it in my head to create a race car bed for him. I took pictures of each step, and I will put them up soon.

DVD holder.  I have over 200 movies so decided to make inexpensive and simple but very nice looking holders for them. I have 3 holders, each can hold around 80 movies. Again I have pictures, just need to put them up on the site here.

Many, many, many, more. Its a fun hobby and of course I have many more projects to tell you about. I will try to have them up soon.

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