About Me

I am a hobbyist woodworker, and I decided to begin documenting all of my woodworking projects. So I created this site as a place to show off all my work.

I began woodworking as just a way to get away from the computer. I run my own business, and I am usually in front of the computer a dozen hours a day. To keep from burning out, I needed a hobby I could do an hour or so each day.

I am not a great woodworker, but it is relaxing and I enjoy it. Plus it gives me a reason to buy lots of power tools. :)

I prefer small finish projects such as toys and cabinets, rather than large rough projects such as sheds. Though I can do either.

All of my projects are created from scratch. I do not build them from kits. Some of the projects are built from designs out of magazines or books, and some I designed myself. Usually when I use an existing design, I change it in some way. Maybe I change it to look better, or just change it to make use of the wood I already have as not to purchase more.


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